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Wow! The cosmic energy this week is potent and ripe for consciously manifesting your most desired future. Did you even know this was possible?

Chances are good you weren’t told growing up you have the ability to create your reality. As a human, you have the capacity to consciously create your future in the amazing field of pure potentiality. This is your birthright!

You come into this lifetime knowing this, however, most adults and education systems have programmed you to believe otherwise. 

Instead of focusing on harnessing the amazing power within, most of us were taught to give our power over to an outside authority. We were taught to follow rules and guidelines given to us to become “good citizens”.  

Something within many of us knew there was more to what we were being taught and hesitated to play the game of life by “the rules of authority”. 

With today’s rising frequencies, these innate inner principles are more powerful and potent than ever. I’m seeing a world awaken to this and to the power that has always been within them.

Over time, I have discovered specific “Frequency Codes” that help harness and utilize the amazing power within us.

One such code is The Power of Intention and Desire. 

My first experience with this code was in 1994 when I studied Deepak Chopra’s powerful little book, The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success. I committed to two years of practicing one law a day from this book and this literally changed my life, and hugely contributed to the amazing life and work I am creating in the world today. 

What you give your attention to, increases. What you believe or intend, you can create. This is because attention energizes, and intention transforms. The only way you can deactivate this code is by believing that you’re separate from it. 

The first step to conscious creation is getting clear with what you DESIRE. 

To get you started with this, I’ve created a free download containing twelve of my favorite frequency codes that I use for myself, and with my clients. 

Click here, to receive Twelve Frequency Codes to Greater Joy, True Freedom and Lasting Love. 

There has never been a more powerful time to raise your frequency to more love, freedom and joy! Believe me, 2022 is a powerful year for change!

I really enjoy hearing your thoughts and welcome your comments below ❤️

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“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

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