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Happy February, 2024!

Many of us had a challenging year last year. I certainly did.

So much so that I pressed “pause” on much of my life and focused fully on my health and my family. I grew so much in the process and shifted both my inner world and my outer world to another expansive level. I’ll share more about that story in a later email.

What I’m observing today is a world deep in transition. We are all in transition of some form. This change is happening both around us and within us.

As we transition, we transform. As we transform, the way we see the world transforms too. We begin seeing people and the world around us from a different perspective or worldview.

This can impact our relationships, our habits, who we hang out with, our careers, and, in fact, much of our lives. By doing so, we begin to have stronger boundaries. It becomes easier to speak up and say “no” to things and people we no longer resonate with. For me personally, it’s also been easier to forgive, release and move on.

I’m noticing myself and my clients are also seeing beyond old beliefs, programming and conditioning that’s kept us stuck for much of our lives. Both within us and around us in the world.

Have you noticed this in your life, too?

Our biggest triggers, who I often refer to as our “teachers”, are helping us transform. These “teachers” often come in the form of the people we are closest to, such as parents, siblings, spouses and children. They can trigger beliefs and fears that keep us reacting in stories of worry, guilt, victim and blame, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, shame and feelings of anger, resentment, powerlessness and pain.

It’s important to understand this is not happening to you. In fact, this is happening for you. To stop playing victim, take back your personal power and step into a higher perspective. This takes patience, curiosity, compassion and forgiveness. For yourself and for the people and world around you. This is one of the keys to higher consciousness.

With the help of one of my most difficult “teachers”, I was able to transition last year to a higher level of consciousness that I had never experienced before. That experience changed me. It’s softened me and opened me to even more compassion, forgiveness and love for myself, for the other person and the world at large.

Whether you are ready or not, the world is changing. You are changing. What do you want to create moving forward? Are you ready to be free from frustration around the things and people you cannot change and create lasting peace from within?

If so, I’d love to support you. Leave a comment below to let me know what you’d like support with.

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