There is a big shift happening in the world today.  Can you feel it?

In the past, we approached life from a more masculine perspective by trying to control and manipulate our world  – our resources, our circumstances and the people around us- in hope of having more security, prosperity and power.

Have you noticed it’s just not working as well anymore? Banks and businesses have tumbled, people are out of work, many have lost their homes, exhausted, scared and confused.

It’s time for change.

Whether you are a man or a woman, it’s time to let go of the old paradigm of domination and embrace a new, feminine power of dominion.  It’s a new way of conscious being that will make life easier.

Below are 11 components of this feminine power:

  1. It’s a power that comes from within. Instead of attempting to force, manipulate or control the people or circumstances around you, you tap into your energetic power inside, including your beliefs, feelings, thoughts and intuition.
  1. You know your thoughts, words, emotions and actions attract the circumstances of your life.  Knowing the power behind them, you are aware of your thoughts and choose your words wisely. You are comfortable dropping out of your head and into your body at any time, “authentically” feeling in that moment.  You’re aware of the impact of your “false” emotions, such as self-pity, jealousy and blame, and how they create and keep you stuck in the past.  You’re courageous enough to vulnerably feel and release your authentic emotions such as anger and sadness as you lift yourself to more well-being, passion and love.
  1. You recognize you are a spiritual being, having a physical experience. You are willing to tap into this presence through meditation, journal writing, time in nature, movement, and creativity to name a few.
  1. You let go of the past, knowing it cannot serve you.  You forgive the past and instead stand in the present, while embracing the possibilities of the future.   Letting go of worry, fear and doubt, you stay present in the NOW, paying attention to what shows up in this moment.  By trusting in this process, you are able to receive abundantly for your highest and best good.
  1. You embrace and engage your imagination and creativity, because it’s fun, it feels good and it helps you to connect with your “inner power”.  You do this by inviting your “inner child” to show you the way.
  1. You surrender to gratitude, no matter what may be going on around you. This doesn’t mean to ignore other emotions such as sadness or anger, but be willing to see and receive the “gift” in any situation and embrace the “learning” from any person in your life.  You are able to see the “cup” half full.
  1. You recognize, face and feel fear, grief, and anger as well as the resistance that confronts you, with acceptance, love and forgiveness.  By doing so, you allow it to move through you.
  1. You’re able to nurture, love and heal yourself in ways you have hoped others would do for you in the past.Whether it is romance, respect or unconditional love, you understand whatever you desire from others, you give it to yourself first.
  1. Coming from prosperity consciousness, you know there is plenty to go around.  You choose to co-create and support others in an effort to share what you have and serve more people, rather than compete or prove in the desire of earning more self-esteem, recognition, money and power.
  1. You understand we are all connected… all people, plants, animals, the oceans and land, as well as the elements around us.  We honor and respect each other and our planet, knowing if harm is done to one it will eventually effect us all.
  1. You consciously create your life through intention. Like Martin Luther King, Jr. so brilliantly modelled, dream of a powerful future rather than only setting goals and creating action plans.  This is not to say that action is unnecessary.  Of course, taking action is vital to getting most things done in life.  Yet, the feminine way is done from the inside out. First, get clear with where you are going and why, as you set an intention.  Next, let go of limiting beliefs and fears, and trust in “This or something better, with harm to none.”  As you follow the path of least resistance, notice what and who shows up around you.  Notice the messages or “whispers” around you.  What is the Universe trying to tell you?  Trust in this process.  As things become clearer, you take inspired action, asking for help along the way and receiving with ease and grace.

When we abandon the above, we are giving in to the wounded ego’s lie of fear and isolation, no pain, no gain.  The wounded ego says, “You better get to work, now!  There is only so much to go around and if we don’t take it, someone else will.  Don’t waste your time on such frivolous behavior.”

But actually, the feminine way is the way of the future, and the future is NOW.  If we are going to survive, even thrive in difficult times, it’s important to work together, to co-create a world of peace, abundance, hope, possibilities, opportunities and love. We really are all connected.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this new way of being.  What have you let go of that’s wasn’t working for you?  Please share with me here on my blog

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