Hello, From My Heart…

Have you heard this greeting before?

It’s a way we have shown can change our world!
(And add more to your inner peace.)

That’s right. We have the power to change our world.
We’ve learned that if we seek change, we must first be the
change we seek. “Hello, From My Heart” greetings are
simply a way to be that change.

So, what are we going to get, you ask?

Individual results will vary only in relationship to the number
of greetings we share and the sincerity with which those
greetings are shared. So, here’s what we get:

1. Happiness – As we give, we receive. This gift, the gift
of our simple greeting, is free of Judgment, free of Expectation,
and free of Conditions. Whether we give, receive, or witness
the greeting, impact is achieved. We will sleep better and a sense
of joy will prevail throughout our day. Fear and worries will disappear,
as they are replaced with opportunities.

2. Health – Happiness dissolves stress & stress is the main contributor
to disease. Watch those symptoms disappear.

3. Peace – When we are happier & healthier we are more at peace.

And that’s how the cycle returns to higher happiness, greater health,
and more peace. This energy impacts all of society. As a direct result
we have significantly lowered violent crime, greatly reduced disciplinary
action in the schools, and even been part of the greatest reduction
in violence in Iraq. (All of the above can be shown within the statistical
history of “Hello, From My Heart”Days. Please visit Event History at

We are the change we seek.
“Hello, From My Heart” Days are from Sept. 11th thru the 21st.
(That’s just for measurement.)

Here’s how we can make a huge difference:

* Greet everyone you can with a smile and a warm “Hello, From My Heart.”

* Answer our phones, also with a smile and the words “Hello, From My Heart”

* Address our emails with the same greeting. How many emails do
we send or receive which do not even contain a greeting?

* When texting, why not use HFMH? The impact will still be generated.

After just a few days we will notice a difference, and our communities will, too!
If you have not already, please register at www.HelloFromMyHeart.com.
You’ll receive little “Hello, From My Heart” messages which are perfect
for forwarding.

And finally, please forward this to your entire world.

Our world will say thank you.

From My Heart,

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