You know that feeling you get in your stomach the moment you realize you’ve just made a HUGE mistake?

Yea, that. It happened to me four weeks ago.

Larry and I had just left a restaurant after enjoying a fabulous dinner with friends. As he opened my car door to help me in, I misstepped the curb and before I knew what was happening, my full body weight slammed directly onto my left hip.

I heard and felt it break.

I have four months until I can walk again. FOUR months. Once again, I am given an opportunity to be still and to go within.

To go within to feel emotions I haven’t felt in a while. Emotions such as sadness, patience, and acceptance of what is.

To go within and let go of trying to achieve some of the things I thought were important and instead trust what’s important will come to me in my stillness.

And in that stillness, to take extreme care of myself so I am safe and I heal quickly and completely. So I can best support others in this turbulent world.

I’m learning how to regularly ask for help and be open to receiving help and the gifts life has to offer with gratitude and grace.

So instead of confidently taking action in the beginning of 2019, I’ve been given the opportunity to be patient, with compassion and respect to my journey. I’ve been given an opportunity to sit in stillness, to take good care of myself and ask for help. I’ve been given an opportunity to hold myself with tenderness and love.

It’s vulnerable.

I believe 2019 is going to offer us many opportunities to learn to navigate a world of turbulence. I believe 2019 is the threshold of massive change. And chaos always precedes change.

Just like my broken hip, this isn’t a bad thing, but it can feel uncomfortable.

When we give our power over to what’s happening “to us” and around us, fear tries to control. We begin to worry, push, strive and force our way to power, stability and safety, but we are only left with feelings of exhaustion, frustration, loneliness and shame.

Not only that, fear shuts down flow, intuition, creativity, abundance, ease, and joy.

When the world around us seems like it’s spinning out of control, it’s time for us to stop and connect to the only thing we can control…our higher selves and our inner world.

As we complete this first month in 2019, how are you feeling? What do you intuitively know to be true? Where is fear being triggered inside you? Where might you be wishing someone or something would change so you’d feel happier, more successful or more loved? Is there an area of your life where you’ve been pushing or trying to control (often out of fear) instead of allowing your internal guidance system to lead the way?

Notice. It’s the first step to changing it.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 


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