Golden clouds in blue sky at sunset.

As I sat down to write to you this week, a poem began to unfold. I enjoyed how it quickly rolled from my heart and onto the page to you in such a fun way!

I hope you enjoy today’s message as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

Be Still and Look Within

Striving, producing, competing, achieving…it’s time to take a rest!
What I’ve discovered throughout my life is doing less is best.

Less trigger and reacting to what you hear and see
Less wounded patterns from your inner child for love, praise, and safety.

Less defending and denying
Less drama…no more lying
Less looking outside yourself for love, recognition and relying.

Less gossiping
Less complaining
Less criticizing
Less blaming
Less making excuses and explaining.

Less fear around the future, what could, what should, what will…
Less visualizing worst-case scenarios, lean into trust and chill.

Less focus on world chaos
Less time spent in your head
Slow down and focus on what’s happening inside of you instead.

Notice what you are thinking
Notice what you believe
Notice the story you tell yourself that is creating the life you see.

Notice how you abandon yourself when you want compassion and love
Notice how you wish for comfort and instead give yourself a hug.

Notice how you speak to yourself, do you belittle, judge, criticize?
When what you desire more than anything is someone to sympathize.

Slow down. Take a BIG breath. Relax and focus within.
Feel and release your constricting emotions so you can let the light ones in.

Open your heart to the part of you who feels afraid, exhausted and alone.
It’s time to be there for yourself first; it’s time to return back home.

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