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October was an emotional month for me. On top of feeling the major division and chaos in the world today, my Mother left us, Larry and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary and I celebrated my birthday. So this month, I took time to BE with me. 

Here’s a bit of what I experienced…

My mother left us at the end of September and although she had been in hospice for over one year, I still felt a deep jolt in my heart when I was told she had passed. Several years ago, she had specifically asked me to be by her side as she transitioned. Because of the rules that are placed in New Zealand at this time, I was unable to be there. 

I felt deep disappointment, hurt, loneliness, anger and sadness.

On the 14th of October, what would have been my Mother’s 96th birthday, we celebrated my mother’s life via Zoom. Going through a lifetime of pictures, rekindling memories and sharing stories of times with my mother touched me deeply. This celebration of her life was healing for me.

I felt joy, love, deep connection with my family, deep forgiveness toward my mother and myself, compassion, completion and more sweet sadness.

On October 18th, Larry and I celebrated our 40th wedding Anniversary. I have so much love within me for Larry…he still takes my breath away when he walks into a room. We took a couple of days together to pause and reflect on those 40 years together…how far we have come, both individually and as a couple. We reflected on the chapters of each decade of our love story. 

I felt love, vulnerability, forgiveness, passion, compassion, optimism and joy.

The following week on the 21st, I celebrated my birthday. Grateful for another trip around the sun, I took the day off and reflected on where I had come in one year, what I had learned over that time and what changes I want to make as I enter into my next year. I missed being with my family…living in lockdown isn’t easy.

I felt love, compassion, freedom, hope, trust, forgiveness, contentment, happiness and sadness.

Like many, I have also experienced incredible feelings of uncertainty, unrest and chaos around the state of the world and in New Zealand in particular. 

I feel anger, confusion, compassion, vulnerability, loneliness, love, disappointment, and sadness. 

I’m triggered occasionally with a bit of fear. When that happens, I remind myself that freedom, safety and sovereignty are within me and cannot be taken away, no matter what is happening around me. This helps me to reconnect to feelings of inner peace, compassion and trust. 

We humans are emotional in nature. In fact, our energy or who we BE is created by our thoughts that feed our emotions.  

How familiar are you with what you are thinking and feeling and who you are being in each moment? 

Emotions are within you. No one has the power to make you feel a certain emotion, however, the outside world can trigger an emotion within you. It’s important to compassionately feel all of your emotions with curiosity and love. 

If you feel stuck in an uncomfortable or constricting emotion, it’s important to lovingly look at any beliefs, stories, wounds, or fears that are triggering that emotion. Only then can you dismantle the trigger, the belief and/or fear and its associated story, so you can expand into a more liberating thought and emotion. 

This is Emotional Intelligence.

When you are emotionally intelligent, you are able to use your emotions as an amazing “Super Power” to heal. Being emotionally intelligent allows you to consciously create your reality. There is such freedom here! 

When you are emotionally intelligent, you have a personal power that cannot be taken away. Standing in that power, you know how to feel everything without being a victim to anything. You are able to powerfully respond to life rather than react to life. 

I’m often told by people that I have great energy. They say I am uplifting and soothing to be around. What they are feeling is the energy given off by my emotional body.

When you are emotionally intelligent, you are able to work with your energy by feeling and releasing your heavier emotions and feeling and expanding into more of your lighter emotions. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we were taught how to be emotionally intelligent in school? Interestingly, we are only taught about our mental intelligence and how to take exams to measure our self-worth, compete with others and compare I.Q.s. Why do you think that is? 

I have so many thoughts on this, however, I am very interested in knowing about you. What are your thoughts on mental and emotional intelligence? Why do you believe mental intelligence has been given greater focus in schools than emotional intelligence? How easy is it for you to navigate your emotions in today’s changing and chaotic world?

Please join the conversation in the comments.

I’m Cindy Powers Prosor. Intuitive Alchemist. Heart Mentor. Lover of Life. 

Are you ready to create the life you long for? Connect to the wisdom and power within you. Only here will you find the lasting fulfilment and love that your searching and striving can never give you. May I be your guide? 

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“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

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