Cindy standing in the water at the beach. Blue sky and clouds behind her.

Do you push through your day to produce as much as possible?

When asked how your day went, do you name off all the things you’ve accomplished?

Do you feel guilty or lazy for taking time to rest and play?

Many of us have been taught that the key to living a great life is how much we power through in a day. Yet the key to living a great life comes from how we feel, not what we do, right?

The key to creating a great life is feeling alive, present, happy and inspired.

Anyone can caffeinate up and push hard toward their next goal. But that’s not sustainable. Allowing your mind to become “your slave driver” is exhausting.

Long-term energy and fulfilment comes from alignment. Alignment with your passion and your purpose. Alignment to what lights you up.

Alignment happens when you press pause throughout your day to just BE, so you can receive inspiration in the moments between your thoughts.

This is key: When you do make moments to slow down, I encourage you not to reach for your phone. As much as I love my phone, we all know it can become a distraction. It can also be another form of soothing anxiety and numbing out.

For example, taking a short walk without your phone. Instead of scrolling or listening, be present to what you see, hear, smell, and feel.

Or wandering around the garden without working in the garden. Just noticing the nuances in the beauty, solitude and little “miracles” around you.

In the silence of the pause, ask for guidance and allow that guidance to find you. Be present for and notice what inspirational messages, ideas or people come to you.

Then, take inspired action and see what you can create from here.

Notice the difference in how you feel at the end of your day.

An inquiry for you:

Am I creating my life from anxiety, push and strive, or from inspiration, co-creation and joy?

This week’s intention:

Throughout your day, pause and put your hands on your chest just below your breastbone. Take three slower than usual, full belly breaths and say:

“This present moment is exactly where I need to be.”

And breathe.

I invite you to listen to my conversation with Amy Rowlinson on her award-winning podcast, Focus On WHY.

Here’s what Amy shared about our time together:

“Holding a profound belief that everyone is inherently a master creator, Cindy has sensed a partnership with the divine to shape her life’s path from childhood. Harnessing this extraordinary intuitive power of co-creation that resides within has not only guided her own life but has also lit the way for others seeking to unlock their creative potential. Cindy is consciously leaving breadcrumbs for others to follow and has a very clear vision of a shift toward a new world which involves connection, intuition and self-love.”

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