How conscious are you in creating your beautiful life?
Below are a few items that are vital in consciously creating your desired life.
Desire. How clear are you with what you desire? It’s important to get clear with what you desire.
Collaborate and co-create with the Universe. You are never alone. Ask for signs, messages, answers and help along the way.
Get curious. Ask questions and listen, look and receive the answers. Then, take action on what you get (see below for examples of good questions).
Use your imagination. Engaging your senses, imagine living this desired life, trusting in the process and expecting “this or something better” is on its way.
Prepare to receive without attachments to what it’s going to look like, or where, how and when it’s going to happen.
Notice your language and your words. For example, saying (or thinking) “I want that” vs. “I’ll have that”. To want is to lack. If you say you want something, you will continue to want it. If you say I’ll have that, you’ll get it.
Notice your beliefs, fears and judgments along the way. If it’s money you desire, do you believe money is the root of evil, or rich people are greedy? Maybe you believe there is only so much money to go around and if you take too much there won’t be enough left for others. Notice your beliefs and get curious, asking “Is this true? How do I know it’s true?”
Stop “shoulding” on yourself. Is this choice coming from a place of passion and joy or duty and obligation?
Don’t beat yourself up for something that happened in the past. Regretting the past or judging and beating yourself up for something you have or have not done is stifling what you can create today. Forgive yourself and let it go.
Look for signs. These can come in all forms. Pay attention to who and what shows up in your life and take action.
TRUST in the process. The Universe has your back. Always. Act like it’s already happening and believe.
And finally, receive with gratitude and grace.

Take action now
​​​​​​​Ask yourself the following questions. Listen for and feel into the answers that are inside of you. Notice what or who shows up.
What would it take for me to receive ______________?
What would it take to _______?
How might I be getting in my own way? What beliefs, fears and judgments do I have that might be keeping me from what I truly want?
Do I believe this is possible, or do I believe this is not possible?
What am I most afraid of? Is it true?
Do I think this is going to be easy or hard?
Where am I over-complicating things by making it more difficult?
Who can I ask to support me?
How else might I be sabotaging my success?
What is possible for me now?
If I trusted myself, what would I choose?
What action can I take right away that will generate more ___________ in my life?”
Well, we’re off! The next time you hear from me I’ll be emailing you from sunny California.
And, don’t forget to reach out as I’ll be checking my emails and continuing to work with my clients along the way. Please check in and let me know if this newsletter has been helpful. I love hearing from you.
Until then, enjoy wherever you are, and remember…
Life is made of choices, so s-l-o-w things down, get curious and make them consciously.
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