How often do you make time for joyful, loving movement in your body?

Please notice, I didn’t ask, “How often do you get your heart rate up and pump it out?” 

This is much different from powering through a walk or a workout. Today I’m talking about moving gently and incorporating BE-ing with doing. In a way, this is another form of meditation by going within. 

If your intention is to simply dominate through a workout within a specific time, your attention is likely to be focused on getting through the workout and what you will do after you are done. This doesn’t allow you to be present in the moment or present in your body and enhance the gift of connection from within. 

If your intention is to nourish and nurture your body through joyful and loving movement, the whole energy changes. It now becomes an act of self love. Here, you drop out of your head and into your body to pay attention to what feels good, what feels challenging, and what emotions, thoughts and sensations you experience throughout. 

The intention is, at the end of your activity, you will feel nurtured, grounded, connected to and present with yourself for the rest of the day. 

If you find yourself stressed, overwhelmed or disconnected during your day, notice. You can reboot with your intention, a couple of deep breaths and a bit of gentle movement to bring you back again. 

Is this a perfect day for a gentle walk in nature? Or, maybe you’d like to put on some nourishing music and move your body. 

If yoga’s your thing, get out your mat, set your timer for ten minutes, and do some simple movements. Start with Cat-Cow. If your body is requesting Savasana, honor the feeling and deeply rest for ten minutes.

As you focus upon your body, go within. Listen. Become present with your breath. Feel. Notice what emotions are emerging. Open your heart to receiving and allow any wisdom and messages to come to you.

Making time for joyful, loving movement for 10-20 minutes is a gift you give yourself and the world at the same time. 

This is the practice of self love… regularly giving to yourself first so you can then give to others from a healthy, loving and abundant place. 

Please tell me in the comments your thoughts about today’s post – I love hearing from you!

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“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

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