2018 has been a powerful year! Its energy has been all about possibilities and transformation. You have three more weeks to harness this energy and allow it to work for you.

December is a time where you can replenish, celebrate and expand into a new year of abundance, success, and love or get swept up in the holiday frenzy and enter the new year feeling exhausted, overspent, guilty and behind.

We’ve just started the last new moon cycle of the year. I invite you to take a “Powers Pause” with me at the start of this last moon cycle so you can welcome 2019 from a place of peace, abundance and flow.

The moon has the power to make the ocean tides rise and fall. Why not harness this powerful energy to work with you.

We’ve just started the last new moon cycle of the year. As it grows, its energy is potent for expanding and creating what you focus on. Is what you’re focusing on something you want more of? What do you desire in 2019 and how is it going to feel to live that desired life?

As the full moon wanes or shrinks, it’s time to get clear with what you are ready to let go of. Focus on what’s not serving you and allow it’s powerful energy to release it from your life.

 Before the completion of 2018, I suggest you do two things:

1.  This week, review your year just passed. Put pen to paper and write down everything positive that you created over the last 11 months. These items can be as little as drinking more water or going to bed earlier and as large as meeting your beloved or buying a home. Really spend time creating this list. Allow this list to grow over the week and weekend as more and more things will come to you over time.

When you are complete, create sacred space. You do this by setting time aside. I love early mornings or you might prefer an evening. Light a candle. Maybe say a prayer. Take in a few deep breaths. Create a moment for you and slowly take in this list. As you read it, absorb everything you have accomplished, created and enjoyed over your year. Feel the emotions it stirs within you. Feel proud, grateful and happy. Celebrate you and all you have created over the year and allow it to expand into your heart and into 2019.

2.  The full moon cycle falls on 22 December. This is time to harness the power of releasing. Take time to list everything you are ready to let go of. These might be unhealthy habits and friends, limiting beliefs such as not feeling good enough and fears that are keeping you stuck. Write them all down on paper. Then, after creating sacred space, release them by burning, burying, or ripping them on or after the full moon. See and feel their energy loosening and shifting from you. Feel lighter and more expansive with their release.

I hope you enjoy this sacred ritual of co-creating with the conscious Universe. If you’d like, please share your thoughts below. Or, you can send me an email. I love hearing from you!

Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks!

P.S. Please share this ritual with anyone you know who would enjoy it. It’s powerful when done with others!  Hugs xx

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