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How are you navigating today’s divided and chaotic terrain? With the holidays this month, many of us will be given even more opportunities for growth. 

As I’ve often shared, the cause of suffering is rooted in attachment and attachment is a strong desire for things to be different from what they are. I find there is a simple way to address this. 

“Be here right now”, has been my mantra recently for calming the chaos within me. Some days I say this mantra several times during my day.

This practice was put to the real test in my life recently with the expectation of sharing Christmas with our son, daughter-in-love and their fur babies. 

Being on the other side of the world from our daughter, grandson and family, especially over the holidays, can be difficult. I was really looking forward to reuniting with our son and his family from Auckland after being apart for the last five months.  

However, things don’t always turn out the way you hope they will, and it looks like Larry and I will be spending another quiet Christmas alone again. The news of this triggered old feelings of self-pity, something I thought I had let go of years ago. Disappointment lingered for several days. 

But the more I remembered to let go and settle into the spaciousness of the now, I was able to relax in the present moment of what is, trusting in the process of life and returning to feelings of gratitude, love and joy within me. 

I have found the best way to practice letting go and relaxing into “each now moment”, is to practice “when it doesn’t count”. Taking moments throughout my day to pause and BE in the magic of what is when I’m not triggered

That way, when our emotional body gets triggered in difficult moments, the muscle memory has been built and our nervous system knows how to automatically calm us from within.  

With that in mind, for the remainder of December, I am going to be regularly sharing tips and tricks in my private Opening Doors Within Facebook group, to help you calm the chaos within you. These will be simple yet powerful practices you can use to integrate letting go and reconnecting into the present moment in just minutes.

Opening Doors Within
Opening Doors Within – Expand Into Freedom & Love – with Cindy Powers Prosor

Again, I’ll be sharing these in my private Opening Doors Within Facebook group, so if you are interested in receiving a little “balm for your soul”, make sure you have joined us here.

I hope you enjoy the simplicity of these suggestions around how to integrate letting go into the present moment, all day long… especially if you don’t have time for a longer meditation, journal writing or yoga practice.

As always, I invite you to let me know how you are these days in the comments below. I’m here for you.

Remember, every moment is a fresh beginning.

Conscious creation and manifestation is one of the processes I love to teach. If you’d like support, I invite you to book a Breakthrough Session here.

“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

– Cindy Powers Prosor –

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