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Are you aware we are experiencing a Great Awakening? It’s an exciting time to be alive!

Many of us are shifting from an old paradigm of Domination or 3-D “reality” into a new paradigm of Dominion or 5-D+ “reality”.

Below is a short list of the difference between these two paradigms: 

Old Paradigm of Domination

🙈  Fear and guilt lead the way

🙈  Authority is outside of you

🙈  Allowing outside sources to give you permission, control and manipulate you

🙈  Worry about what others think

🙈  Feel guilty for what you did or didn’t do

🙈  Rehashing the past

🙈  Worry about the future

🙈  React to the world around you

🙈  Pointing fingers outside of yourself, playing the victim/blame game

🙈  Wishing someone or something would save you or keep you safe

🙈  Feeling separate from others. 

🙈  Using your power over another to control and manipulate 

🙈  Compete to be better than and win over others

🙈  Perform for your love

🙈  Allowing others to tell you what is best for you

Much of what I have listed above is happening subconsciously within you. It’s what I refer to as being unconscious of being unconscious. In other words, you don’t know what you don’t know. 

New Paradigm of Dominion 

😍  Love and compassion lead the way

😍  Knowing who you are from a soul/energetic level

😍  Being aware of and committed to your inner truth, 

😍  Knowing freedom, happiness and love are within you

😍  Knowing you are the authority of your life + taking 100% responsibility for creating it

😍  Making conscious choices and owning the impact of these choices

😍  Competency of your internal guidance system

😍  Knowing what you want and using your inner tools to consciously create that reality

😍  Seeing and feeling the beauty around you

😍  Releasing attachment to outcome and form 

😍  Able to forgive and move on, both toward yourself and others

😍  Present moment awareness

😍  You are a conscious creator of your life. 

😍  Knowing we are all connected through a power much greater than our individuality

😍  Working together and co-creation

😍  Lifting others as we climb together

😍  Your feelings of belonging begin within you 

Many people are reclaiming their inner power and authority from within. The first step to doing this is becoming conscious of being unconscious or awakening to the ways you have been giving your power over to the outside world. 

These outside authorities that are coming from domination can take form in many ways. A few of these are in government and leadership, business, money, medicine, education, food production and distribution, churches, utilities, childcare, energy and transportation. I invite you to look around and notice.

The key component to shifting realities and stepping into your power is remembering you are loved just for being you. You do not have to earn love, deserve love, strive for love, compete for love or prove you are worthy of being loved. You are love. 

It’s easy to see love in the essence of a newborn baby. Babies are pure love. It is only when you are conditioned and taught by the outside world or from an outside authority that you are unworthy of love, you forget and lose this feeling of love and the power within yourself. 

As a sovereign being, the power is always within you. Once you do the inner work to reclaim love as your birthright, you begin to see the world differently. Everything around you changes.

Yet, nothing changes until you do. 

You are a soul having a human experience. Be the love that you are. Feel the joy within you. Allow patience, kindness, understanding, compassion and love lead the way.

Please, join the conversation in the comments below. I love hearing from you.

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Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.

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