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At the end of January, I pressed PAUSE and took some time out for myself. I could tell something was changing within me. 

I rested, immersed myself in nature, had great transformational conversations with my mentor, went deep into meditation, wrote lots in my journal, took many deep breaths with my feet on the earth and was quiet.

I spent time in curiosity. I asked myself questions and felt deeply into what I wanted to be released and what I wanted to step into.

I’ve been deeply listening within for MY authentic truth and feeling into what is in alignment and in integrity for ME at this time. What is my soul asking me to let go of and step into? 

Like many of us, I’ve stepped off the old “game board” of 3-D fear-based programming and am stepping onto the new ‘game board” of 5-D freedom. 

We are in the transitional phase, or what is referred to as 4-D.

Transition can be uncomfortable. Think of it as a metamorphosis, like when a caterpillar (3-D) turns into a butterfly (5-D). We are in the messiness of the chrysalis (4-D) and you can’t rush that process, right? 

This change is happening all over the world today. 

Some examples of 3-D are:

War, power over, separation, control, manipulation, performing, striving, uncertainty, looking outside of ourselves for answers, lack and feeling unsafe and fearful. This energy is dense, so struggle, frustration, anxiety and fear, for example, are a way of living in 3-D. We give our power over to our linear mind that says if you cannot hold it, see it or prove it, it’s not “real”.

Some examples of 5-D are:

Ease, trust, flow, beauty, creativity, co-creating, joy, gratitude, feelings of certainty, feeling capable and intuitively knowing and trusting what’s right for you. The energy here is less dense and more flowing. Trusting, allowing and receiving are ways of being in the 5-D reality. 

In the 5-D world, we know how to use our linear mind in a “healthy” way to access linear information such as time, money and language, and then, we intuitively FEEL into what we want to create, how we do that and who we want to be. 

In the 3-D world, we try to make things happen by pushing, striving, performing, tolerating and referring to an outside authority to tell us what to do. 

In the 5-D world, we allow things to come to us as we co-create with the Universe/Consciousness/God. We still take action, however, it’s inspired action, following our intuitive guidance and flowing along the path of least resistance without attachment to a specific outcome, with gratitude and grace.

Many of us are presently in the in-between world of 4-D. We have left the past, yet the future has not yet arrived. We are in transition. Transition is uncomfortable, confusing and often chaotic. 

The world is awakening. We are awakening! As we awaken, we begin to see life through a new lens. We are stepping out of struggle and into curiosity. Old labels are falling off, old stories are falling apart.  

I’m curious…do you feel this way too? 

What’s standing in front of you to change? Your career? Your partner? Your home? Your beliefs? Maybe you know something is changing however you haven’t been able to put your finger on it yet. 

What are you feeling? Ready or anxious? Powerful or powerless? Excited or fearful? What are you tolerating that you’re ready to let go of? 

What’s it like for you to be in this transformational time in history? I’d like to know. As always, I invite you to leave a comment or question below.

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