I’m going to tackle something big today, and hopefully, it helps you out. I’ve gotten so many questions, listened to so many different frustrations, and helped work through so many different challenges, and I’ve realized a pattern emerging. A lot of life’s common issues boil down to the topic of purpose. So, what is the purpose of life?

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We want to know what our purpose in life is so we can fulfill it. We want to know what the purpose of life itself is in order to feel more relevant and to feel more fulfilled.  Without a clear sense of purpose, we get distracted, discontented, and even occasionally depressed. So many of life’s issues are tied to a confusion on purpose!

We can go through seasons of understanding our purpose only to have it fade after a while, leaving us confused and somewhat aimless. So we search for it again. We seek purpose in our work, in our family, in our money, or even in hobbies, games, or possessions. However, with all these surface-level purposes, soon we feel agitated and empty.

What’s the purpose of life?

We’ve all made the mistake of placing our purpose on the wrong thing. Money and possessions make us happy for a while, but months later we feel deflated and lonely. Our job was our passion once but now it feels repetitive and lifeless. Our family lets us feel needed and wanted, but even with the people we love most, we can end up feeling dried up, unappreciated, and sometimes unwanted.

Finding our purpose may be much simpler than we may realize.

The issue preventing us from living our purpose is we think happiness, abundance and success, for example, are things to strive for. We search, perform and compete for this life purpose hoping to feel happy, fulfilled, even loved.

Think about it. We’re chasing happiness, trying to fill our lives with things that will bring gratification, yet after time we are left feeling empty, frustrated and alone.

So what is our true purpose and how do we find lasting fulfillment? Let’s begin with what it is not.

It’s not striving, performing, proving, buying or earning anything. When we strive to feel successful and prove our self-worth, we are often left feeling alone, unproductive, frustrated and confused.

Society is constantly giving us reasons to be unhappy and unsatisfied. From a young age, we were taught to strive for that better body, more recognition, to be loved and to accumulate more stuff. These things might bring us satisfaction for a while, but it won’t last. Before long we are back searching and striving for that next shiny object.

Our search for happiness is taking us in the wrong direction

Take a moment now and look at your life today. Instead of seeing what’s not working or what you want more of, notice what is working and what you are grateful for. What are you passionate about? What brings you joy? What lights you up?

When you can experience being happy by listening to and following your heart and doing what brings you joy, happiness and success come as a result. When you are not seeking happiness as an objective, happiness naturally finds you.

Our life purpose begins by feeling grateful. It begins with honouring our values. It begins with seeking opportunities to learn and grow ourselves. It begins by respecting, forgiving and having compassion and love for ourselves.

Our purpose is about making conscious choices around who we spend time with, how we spend our money and what we are doing. It’s not based on what we are going to get, but based on how this feels for us and based on the impact this choice will have on our lives.

It’s important to get really clear with WHY we are making this choice in the first place. Are we choosing it because we want to get something from it out “there”, or are we choosing it because it feels really good inside our heart?

Focus on the moments, experiences and people you value and delight you. Focus on what brings you joy. Stop and notice the beauty around you. Do things that are fun. When you do, feelings of happiness, love and gratitude just happen.

Let your heart be your guide

​Is that something you think you can do or are you not sure where to start? Do you have questions? I’d really love to know.

Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks!

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