Happy 2018! It’s the beginning of another year and a perfect time to reflect.

Celebrate what you’ve accomplished in 2017 and get curious with what you didn’t accomplish in 2017.  What do you want to do differently in 2018?

Here’s an idea for you today: Think of a goal you’d like to achieve or something you want to do differently in 2018.

I suggest this year you do not put a lot of attention on the doing. Instead, try putting your attention on who you need to BE to achieve these goals. Who you need to be in order to achieve what you want to achieve in 2018?

Who is this person who achieves this goal and lives or works this way? Who is this person you need to become in order to pull this off?

What are her habits? What are her beliefs? What are her fears and her challenges and how does she address those fears and challenges? Who does she hang out with and who and what does she avoid? How does this person walk into a room? How does she begin each morning?

Spend time studying this person. Find someone who is already there and observe them and their habits. Ask them some questions. What inspires them each day? What keeps them from sabotaging their success? Get to know this person and how they feel in their body and mind.

Next, spend time being her in your imagination. Embody this person.

Begin each day, actively imagining this person and how it feels to be her. Be this person, your future self, in your mind and body, in the present moment. Feel what it feels like to be living this desired life.

Then, throughout your day, make choices that reflect this person, your future self. As you go about your day, make choices that reflect this kind of person’s choices. How would she feel in each moment? What choices would she make?

For example, if you want to have a stronger body, who do you need to be? Being that stronger person who is committed to feeling strong and loves her strong body, how do you feel each morning when you get up? Probably confident and capable. How do you feel when you take a shower and prepare your food? Most likely committed, happy and successful.

If you find it difficult to feel capable, committed or successful in this area of your life, think about something you already feel capable, committed and successful around. Then hold these emotions within your body as you embody who you are becoming. Embody these energies and feelings while you work toward your goals in 2018.

What does this person say to herself when her mind starts thinking of all the excuses why she doesn’t have time to work out? The you of 2017 might react by listening to those excuses to distract herself and not follow through. You know how that feels. You’ve been there before.

The you of 2018 is committed to making different choices. The you of 2018 embodies the confidence, the commitment and the capabilities of someone who is already there.

What is it like to feel confident, capable and strong? Spend a few minutes throughout your day embodying those feelings. Be that person who is confident, capable and strong.

The you of 2018 still gets triggered with excuses of not having time, yet instead of reacting to those triggers, she recognizes them and inserts a pause. In that pause, she connects with her “future self”…the person who is committed to having a strong body.

She looks at her choices and feels into the impact of each choice. What choice would her future self make? With confidence and grace, she chooses one that feels good and has the impact she desires.

Who do you desire to be in 2018? Get to know this future you and allow her to lead the way.

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