We are in exciting times and chaotic times. We are in the process of BIG changes on the planet. Chaos precedes change and change is uncomfortable.

Are you feeling it?

Most of you know, I am a citizen of both New Zealand and the United States. I get to feel into the energies of both countries. At this time in history, both couldn’t be more different.

My beautiful country of America is in a messy state. Much of the country and present government seems to be holding onto what I refer to as domination. Domination includes chauvinism, greed, fear-based control and power over others.

On the other hand, with the help of Prime Minister Jacinta Ardurn, my beautiful country of New Zealand is expanding towards a state of dominion. Dominion includes equality, working together, lifting others while we climb. It includes real listening, vulnerability, respect and abundance for all.

Jacinda Ardurn is a reflection of this new paradigm. She is the youngest female world leader ever and the second elected leader in history to have a baby while in office. Prime Minister Ardurn is leading the way with higher conscious and messages of improving the quality of life for everyone and cleaning up and preserving our beautiful Earth. This is the new paradigm.

This shift has nothing to do with politics. This shift is happening within each one of us.

I see a humanity caught up between two worlds. Many of us are holding tightly onto the old world of fear, control and domination. And, many of us are embracing the rebirth of dominion.

No matter where you are, you’ll be feeling the chaos.

Are you feeling an energy shift within yourself? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Edgy? Are parts of your life turning upside down?

To navigate the chaos, begin by recognising and releasing old behaviours, patterns, habits and identities. What or whom are you ready to let go of? Where are you feeling bored or restless? Notice.

Are you caught up in the me-against-them, fear-based paradigm of domination in any aspect of your life? This is not a time to rehash the past, compare yourself with others, play small or worry and doubt the future. Notice.

Instead, embrace this opportunity for change by feeling and releasing any emotions that are within you. Write about them. Talk about them with people you trust. Feel them and release them. There is freedom here!

Fear lives in your head. Love and trust live in your body.

Ask yourself this:

Am I trying to figure things out and work my way forward in my head? Or, am I navigating from my heart? Am I feeling into what feels right for me?

For example, before making a decision or choice, drop into your body with a few big, deep breaths. Get curious. How does this choice feel in my body? Does it feel heavy or light? Hint: Your answers will feel light.

Set your intention daily to flow with the current of chaos and change. Stop trying to figure “it” out and drop out of your head. Let your heart lead the way.


Please share your experience and thoughts with me below. Thanks!

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