I’m back after four months of an intentional break from my business – to fully focus on our family… from our parents to our children, our grandchildren and our neglected, seventh generational family cabin. It’s been big.

Returning from the U.S. to New Zealand took 24-hours of physical travel, however the transitional time within me has taken far longer. I’m on week three and still have not fully arrived. 

This is because the whole world is in transition. Can you feel it? 

We are in the midst of change…a turning point if you will.

These changes are taking us from a world of darkness, with separation, domination and manipulation and into an awakening world of light, filled with deeper connection, compassion and love. 

There is nothing to be afraid of, however chaos precedes change and chaos can be uncomfortable. 

This change that’s happening in the world must begin with each one of us first. Only when we find peace, love and harmony within can we help create peace and harmony in the world. 

Being grounded and still is the most important thing in turbulent times. And self care. Especially self care.

Things to FOCUS on over the remainder of 2022 (and beyond):

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Eat real (unprocessed) food and drink healthy beverages. This includes fruits and veggies, purified water, whole grains and nuts, for example. 
  • Stillness – time to just BE
  • High vibe entertainment only
  • Beautiful music that opens your heart and moves you
  • Movement, including walking, dancing, sex, yoga…whatever feels good to you
  • Laughter, play and fun. Lighten up!
  • Connect to and be touched by nature – listen, see, smell and BE in the beauty nature provides. 
  • Step outside barefooted and BREATHE and ground.
  • Daily meditation – tune in to the more “real” of your inner world. Remind yourself you are the creator of your reality, not the other way around.

Many of us are feeling the shift that is already happening in the world through our unsettled emotions, feelings of exhaustion and even confusion of where to focus next. 

How are you navigating this turbulent terrain of change? 

If you’d like support, I’m here to help you find your answers. 

Please reach out if I can help.

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