The New Quilt of Humanity Blog Post - Artwork by Yulia Ustinova
Art by Yulia Ustinova

It’s almost a New Year! I hope you are enjoying this holiday season wherever you are. 

I’m excited to create a “New Quilt for Humanity” in 2022 and I imagine you are too! Let’s lift each other as we raise our resonance to more joy, hope, peace, love and abundance for ourselves and for the world.

“The old threads are unravelling.

Get your needles ready.

We are stitching a new quilt of Humanity.

Bring your old t-shirts,

worn-out jeans, scarves,

antique gowns, aprons,

old pockets of plenty

who have held Earth’s treasures,

stones, feathers, leaves,

love notes on paper.

Each stitch

a mindful meditation.

Each piece of material

a story.

The more colour the better,

so call in the Tribes.

Threads of browns, whites,

reds, oranges.

Women from all nations

start stitching.

Let’s recycle the hate, the abuse,

the fear, the judgment.

Turn it over, wash it clean,

ring it out to dry.

It’s a revolution

of recycled wears.

Threads of greens, blues, purples.

Colourful threads

of peace, kindness,

respect, compassion

are being stitched

from one continent to the next.

Over forests, oceans, mountains.

The work is hard.

Your fingers may bleed.

But each cloth stitched together

brings together a community.

A world, our future world

under one colourful quilt.

The new quilt of Humanity.”

– Julia Myers

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“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.”

– Cindy Powers Prosor –

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