Cindy is exactly the kind of import we love! The Californian came to us via Gisborne, bringing with her an unusual skill. Cindy helps people who, on the outside, look like they are nailing life, when in fact they are struggling inside.


We loved the generosity of spirit she brought into our office. What really impressed us was her analytical mind. During her interview, she asked us questions about UNO., which gave us food for thought long after she’d left, spurring us to improve our magazine further! Cindy is UNO.’s kind of gal. Time for us to ask her a few questions.

Where do you even start, when trying to help someone change what keeps happening in their life?

While it can be easy to blame outside circumstances for those challenges, true and lasting happiness and love are inside you.
When you uncover what I call your ‘blind spots’, you have the freedom to create a joyful life, no matter what’s going on around you. When you are happy on the inside, you attract and create all those things you desire.

It all begins within you.

Opening doors within means to look at your thoughts, fears, beliefs, emotions, old wounds, and stories you tell yourself. These are your ‘blind spots’, which are difficult to see for yourself because you are so ‘in’ them. They run your life until you are able to recognise then change them to create something different.

Part of my work with my clients is creating a safe space for them to explore different perspectives and possibilities that they can’t see for themselves. By doing this inner work, you actually shift the way you see your world. And once you do that, your world changes.

How did you make the transition to New Zealand from an established life in California? Do you have any tips for people going through their own major life transition?

Life transitions, such as a big move, job change, divorce, or death, can certainly be chaotic and uncomfortable!

When my husband, Larry, asked me to move 13 years ago from our beautiful home near Lake Tahoe, California, to the isolated east coast outside Gisborne, I thought, “Sure, let’s go on an adventure.”

I had no idea how painful and difficult this adventure would be. I struggled for three years. My heart was ripped apart. I felt alone, lost, and helpless. As you know, Gisborne is isolated and surrounded by beauty and solitude. I had created the perfect storm to uncover my blind spots.

Thankfully, I had an amazing coach at the time, who helped me acquire the tools and information to be there for myself in all the ways I had wanted others to be there for me.

Together, we gently dismantled my inner world and looked at the core of what was really creating my deep uncertainty, pain and sorrow.

After seeing how my life transformed with that level of support, I became a professional co-active coach, certified by The Coaches Training Institute in San Rafael, California; and a member of the International Coaching Federation. I’ve extensively studied metaphysics over the past 25 years with teachers around the world.

Now I know that my own happiness is a reflection of my work and my most potent credential, and this is the transformative work I do with my clients.

Have you met any interesting people here?

Yes! For example, I had heard about acupuncturist Debbie Karl the week I arrived, and booked a session with her to get to know her and her work. Since then, we have created and grown a beautiful relationship, supporting each other both professionally and personally. That same week I was introduced to Chantelle Laurent, of Formula One Results. As with Debbie, our meeting unfolded with ease, and we have been supporting each other professionally ever since. The Bay is such a friendly place to be. My friendship group is building daily as I meet all these fascinating people.

-As published by UNO. Magazine, Spring 2017

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