How are you feeling today?

Personally, I have been feeling a tremendous need to rest, meditate, write, breathe, feel, be still and go within. 

For some of us, this can be challenging. Our scattered minds want to reach for anything just to keep our hands busy. Our minds tell us unless we are productive we are “wasting time”. 

Maybe right now, it’s time for you to be still, stare into the void, be at peace with the unknown and listen to your inner voice for direction. 

Maybe it’s time to dream and feel into what wants to come to you and through you. Take your time. Feel into your intuition and allow its subtle messages to appear within you. Then, write them down quickly before they disappear…because they will. 

Ask for guidance from your unseen friends and stay awake for signs, messages and synchronicities around you. Allow opportunities and possibilities to appear and receive them with gratitude and grace.

What gives life meaning for you? Slow things down and look at your choices. Then, dedicate yourself to the work required to manifest your vision. 

It’s not up to you to figure out HOW the Universe will deliver your dreams. It’s up to you to keep believing they WILL manifest in perfect and divine timing. 

As always, I invite you to leave a comment or question below. How are you feeling? What gives life meaning for you? I’d love to know.

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